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Metro Rage: Part II October 3, 2008

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People can be so selfish sometimes.  Especially on the metro.  Like during rush hour, when the train is packed, sweaty disgusting people all around, and that one jackass decides he has to lean his entire fucking body against the pole so that no one else can hold on to it.  COME ON!!!  Who the hell do you think you are?  That pole’s vile anyway, you don’t know who’s touched it (I’ve seen some pretty nasty people grab that pole).  Yet you decide that you’d like your whole body and all of your dry-clean-only clothes to touch it. 


Maybe I should think about it like they’re cleaning the poles for us – rubbing their clothes all over it.  Although it’s hard to think positively as my hand is being smashed between the dirty pole and their even dirtier back.  Sometimes they’re tall enough that their ass actually touches my hand (yeah, that’s what happened to me last night).  


So, if you’re one of those people that has EVER leaned on the pole, fucking stop.  You’re a jackass and no one likes you.


2 Responses to “Metro Rage: Part II”

  1. Colonel Sanders Says:

    It’s almost as annoying as hearing “From Wall Street to Main Street”

  2. moneky Says:

    OMG that is my #1 “what not to do” in a metro.

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