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WIDC: Get Drunk and Have Super Smart Conversations about Politics October 2, 2008

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You know you’ve done it about a billion times: gone to a party and sworn the last thing you were going to talk about would be politics (because that’s what inevitably happened at all the previous parties).  The next thing you know, you’re on your fourth gin and tonic and you’re ranting about the election or the economy and what Congress should do to fix it.  


The difference in talking about politics whilst in a state of inebriation whilst in DC (I’ve been reading a lot of stuff written by Brits lately), is that at least people in DC are mostly educated about it.  Yeah, there are those occasional fucking idiots who learned 3 lines from watching CNN and they repeat that crap all night thinking they should be elected to Congress (although, in reality, they might do a better job than some current congresspeople); but for the most part, people in DC tend to be more knowledgeable about politics than your average Joe.


I’m surprised our pre-gaming hasn’t turned into The Economist and Atlantic Monthly reading parties/games – Every time The Economist refers to people in the French way (Messrs and M), take a drink; or every time Atlantic Monthly has an article with more than 1,000 words, bottoms up!


3 Responses to “WIDC: Get Drunk and Have Super Smart Conversations about Politics”

  1. oldnil Says:

    Hilarious about The Economist drinking game =)

    It’s basically my only source of news. That, and the Colbert Report

  2. quatre chords Says:

    Well, a tip of the hat to you, oldnil

  3. Beagles Says:

    The Economist is Time with a better layout and without bylines. Or, if you wish, the Grey Goose to Time’s Smirnoff. Or Canada to America. Or Mary-Kate to Ashley.

    I could never live in DC. I hear the voice inside my head every day. It’s wonderful, witty, smart and always correct, but I don’t want to hear it in the voice of every resident, every day for years on end.

    Who narrates your voice? For me, it is Liev Schreiber.

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