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Metro Rage: Letter from a Concerned Reader September 17, 2008

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I received this letter from a concerned reader:


Dear WIDC,


How can I curb my “Metro-rage”? I frequently encounter DC commuters who are oblivious to the swift movements needed to enter, and in particular, leave a metro station. I feel walking up the escalator should be done in a quick manner, rather than taking each footstep so slowly that I cannot help but scream silently in my head and perhaps mimick strangulation. If you are going to walk up the escalators, you should probably go faster THAN the escalator.




Stuck in Foot Traffic


Well, SIFT, I have definitely experienced my fair share of the metro escalator traffic jam (aka METJ).  I just can’t comprehend why people have to walk at a normal pace to the escalator, and then immediately when they get to it, stop and wait in order to time their entrance with the appearance of new stairs.  Watch out for those cracks!  (You might break your mother’s back).  Maybe it hasn’t occurred to these people, but the escalators stay flat for a couple seconds before they actually turn into stairs.  That really should give you enough time to make sure you’re not standing on a crack.  If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be allowed to leave your house because you’re either too slow or too dumb to force others to endure your presence.


2 Responses to “Metro Rage: Letter from a Concerned Reader”

  1. JMS Says:

    Would that “anonymous letter” have come from someone with the initials JC?

  2. angell9625 Says:

    it did, in fact, come from Jesus Christ. how did you know?

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