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It’s Time September 9, 2008

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It’s time that I wrote about DC’s Metro.  I think it is a subject that should be covered by every blogger, every valiant writer of this District of Columbia.  I know we all have complaints about this seemingly wonderful system, and while I cannot and will not post every one of mine, I will discuss two.  This will be followed by a partial list of my other issues with DC’s public transportation.


WIDC: Stand on the Right, Walk on the Left


Tourists never seem to get this.  I constantly find myself running to catch a metro that’s approaching the station to find a bunch of tourists in my way.  Of course they can see and hear that a metro is approaching, but do they think that someone might want to take it?  No.  They’re always muddled about the width of the escalator until someone says, “Excuse me!” as they try to run past to catch the almost-closing-doors of the metro that won’t come by again for another 15 minutes.  


As I run by, I feel like the tourists are staring and thinking, “Why the heck is she in such a hurry?  We don’t have to be anywhere.”  Some of us go to work during rush hour!!!  That’s probably why it’s rush hour.  Duh.


Not only are there generally tourists without a clue on the metro, but the escalators aren’t working or every single line is delayed, and there’s always at least 5 elevators that aren’t working.  When will they ever finish fixing the elevators and escalators.  Even if they put an end date to it, I’ve never seen it met.  Not once.


Here’s a lovely example of what I’m talking about:



I’d also like to point out that no one is working on it.  Typical.


Partial List of My Other Objections


  1. Expensive – Yes New York’s costs $2.00 per trip, but when there are very few trips that cost $1.35, it ends up being cheaper to just pay $2.00 per trip.  Not to mention that NY’s price stays the same throughout the day.
  2. Monthly Pass – Why the hell don’t we have a monthly pass?  You’d think it would help to regulate Metro’s revenue, but they don’t seem to think so.  They’d rather just wait and see what the month and year bring.  Poor planning.
  3. Express – No express routes.  Why should it take me an hour to get from Ballston to U St?  Enough said.
  4. Delays – when are there not delays?  Why do I have to wait 20 mins on the weekend for the Orange line?  I thought it was supposed to come every 12 minutes during the lunch hour.
Like I said, this is a partial list and is by no means meant to be exhaustive.  Please add your gripes to the comments.  Maybe we can write a letter!!1!

One Response to “It’s Time”

  1. Colonel Sander Says:

    The metro system is a bureaucratic mess…Look at the Silver Line…It took over 15 years of negotiations to get a semi-okay by the Gov’t for funding. Until Fenty (or another effective official) steps in, like he did with the cab system, I don’t see much improvement in terms of ridership benefits. DC’s metro might be clean but NY, Chicago, and basically every European city are way ahead in terms of services for their citizens.

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