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I wish the name was as cool as Panda Jerky

WIDC: Eat Differently September 5, 2008

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This post is to introduce (and be the first one of) a new theme of this blog.  Okay, it’s not really new in that I’ve been thinking about it for a while and it fits perfectly with the name, but just go with it.


The new theme is…When in DC!!1!  This will be about what people who live in DC do.  It might be educational to some (read: tourists) and an epiphany to others (read: newcomers, oblivions).  So, here it goes:


When in DC…Eat Differently.


Yes.  People in DC love to eat.  They especially love to eat “authentic” cuisine from other countries.  They think it makes them look worldly and open-minded.  Then they write about it on their blog, which is generally devoted to eating, food, food in dc, restaurants, restaurants in dc or any other subject that has to do with food and eating.


While I will admit that some regional/country specific restaurants are “more authentic” than others, fewer people actually know the difference than those who merely claim to.  Eating at these restaurants is a symbol to others that these people are smarter than the average person and that they should be respected as such.  If you claim to know more than them, they will be sure to tell you that you do not.


So, if you’re a tourist, DC has a lot of authentic food to offer, but don’t pretend to know more than people in DC do (unless you’re from another country, which is an entirely different story).


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